Now we are available through SVN.

DistAnt project is now always available through SVN in read-only mode. So you can observe all the changes made using the following URL:
You can also observe the Web-version of the repository using the next link:



Slightly changed the blog design by replacing standard header with the DistAnt logo and adding the Sourceforge logo at the sidebar which refers to our project page.

Now on SF.net

From this moment our project is available for free dowloading from sourceforge.net.
We will try to publish the freshest sources every night in package nightly-src.
In addition here some links where you can get the last released source and find out more about the project:
DistAnt Project Page
Last File Releases


The first post on DistAnt.

We've decided to create this blog to reflect DistAnt developing process and have a place where everybody can find out of what we do.
Briefly, DistAnt is a universal heterogeneous system for distributed calculations, written on .NET Framework (C#), which can be easily used for any calculations on tasks that can be divided into individual independent subtasks.
The main feature of the system is that it hasn't any dedicated server so you can send your tasks from any machine with the system installed.
The protocols used in DistAnt by now are Tcp and Http. It helps to widen the network types with which it can succesfully work.
Below is the logo of the project: