SVN Trunk directory changed.

Because of the SVN on SF.net bugs we had to import all our code to a directory trnk instead of trunk. Well... It's sad but nothing serious. Now our main branch is situated here:
As addition: many new code was written, including net sending and many other features. Actually, we now realize stubs made long time before.


DistAnt.AutoUpdater complete.

Now you can remotely update and run DistAnt instances to make it easier to maintain a big network.


Network subsystem and DistAnt.AutoUpdater.

We are on the hedge from which we can observe the distant future :) Actually, we've started the network subsystem development with adding new project with name DistAnt.AutoUpdater that is to help us in remote debugging allowing not to go from machine to machine installing fresh builds.
As usual you can download the freshest sources from the svn repository or from our sourceforge page.


Pooling system complete.

Yeah, we did it. Pooling system was succesfully written, but it hasn't been tested well yet. And the scheduling algorythm is to be improved because at the moment it's very simple and there are situations when it makes some threads to wait for infinite time.
Pooling system was placed into the separate assembly (Threading.dll), so you can use it by your own in any projects.
Fresh source files are to be available today's evening.


Further development.

We remind you of your ability to download the latest sources and materials from our SF.net page (see icon on the right pane).
The latest sources and materials was released today.



Two different log parsers were developed. :) It's not for DistAnt project by itself. It just will make developing process more convenient for us.
This parsers convert plain-text logs into xml and html formats to make its view more pleasant and easy-to-interpret. It's important because logs are some kind of instrument for communication and memorizing for us.

DistAnt threading.

Developing of the DistAnt threading system is started. This system allows centralized processing of all working threads in one thread pool. Thread manager is indifferent to thread task and has deals with properties which are common to all threads. It makes thread processing easier and more uniform.


Class diagram is available.

From now an appropriate up-to-date class diagram of the DistAnt project is always available through SVN with url:
Also you can get the last diagram from SF.net following the next link:
Materials Package.